Security Warnings

You are working on a device not managed by Syngenta: information may remain on this computer and will be available for unauthorized persons (like sheets of paper you leave at the device). It is your accountability to use this service only for the access to a small amount of uncritical information.

If you are using a PC that can be accessed by other people you must close all browser windows after you have finished. You should check now if it is possible to close all browser windows on your machine: if it is not possible you must not login.

Do not download confidential and secret data to PCs shared with other people, for example in airport lounges, Internet cafes, etc. Be aware, even if you delete this information, it can be recovered.

For users of private PCs in a home environment: make sure you have the latest Microsoft patches installed. It is highly recommended that you use antivirus, spyware and firewall software: make sure that they are updated regularly.

Legal Warning

You are required to have authorization from Syngenta before you proceed and you are strictly limited to the use set out within that authorization. Unauthorized access to or misuse of this system is prohibited and will be prosecuted. If you disclose any information obtained through this system without authority Syngenta may take legal action against you.

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